a general rule that actually applies to a lot of shit: if people being ignorant about something makes you upset, you probably should not be angry/rude/upset when they ask questions and try to educate themselves about it. 

john got me animal crossing city folk for my birthday and this is the game for me

Anonymous: *reblogs all your photos* aahrg so pretty I cant stop myself. I love the work you do, your image is perfect!

awe thnx cutie


Sierra McKenzie from a coupla weeks back
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Sierra and two other floral clad models doing shots! Sierra in the crown I brought her. So many models at this party! Far left with the adorable fuzzy head is Kacey Wilson, the middle is Sierra Mckenzie and far right with the adorable red pixie is a model name Carolyn but I don’t know her working name.
I don’t have any pictures of my adorable outfit and flower crown but I’m hoping Sierra will post some of the instax photos.
A party guest kept asking me who I work with and it took us like ten minutes of being very confused before I realized they thought I’m a freelance girl, but really I’m a social worker. It must of been very confusing when I kept saying “primarily I work in neurology and trauma care”! Which I guess they thought was a dark concept shoot or something ha.

haaahaha! and ya I got pics of you gurl. <3 also I’m such a lady when I take my shots. not. (but my crown looks fab thanks to you and that’s what matters.)
A few pics from my floral themed bday party last night! @chanelryssel @dylanstaleyphoto @godsavecarolynjean @domxbomb @kace_face11

Model : Sierra McKenzie
Photo: John Fox
Anonymous: you have such flawless eyebrows :O

best compliment a girl can get

Anonymous: My eyes literally did this 👉😻 when I first laid eyes on you.. I'll just be here day dreaming of you in case you're wondering. :) <3

ur cute

wolfraid: I imagine you're up to have photographers fly up to shoot u in Seattle?

yah it has happened. or sometimes I get flown out to random places, haha. 

Wrapped a few hours of earlyish morning figure modeling. #bathrobelife #whatismyhairdoing PS thanks everyone for the birthday wishes xoxo
racconconnoisseur: Does that Corset hurt?

nope! feels like a tight hug.