Sierra McKenzie in Color #13
Photo: John Fox
me by arzenteart
Anonymous: Just an opinion, but i think the colors on that dress aren't the greatest. If it was orange designs on black it would be better. That being said it is a well designed dress.


Do you like my horse dress? Yea or neighhh?

Final product! The model is sierramckenzie 
me and the beautiful akarikanazawa at her beautiful wedding yesterday. you and trevor are going to have a lovely life together.
Anonymous: You are a Veronica in a world of Heathers. 💛

bless u

spent yesterday at timberfest and headed to a wedding soon. 

got to wash all this sweaty woods smell off ew.

Anonymous: Hypothetically speaking, if someone was to create a kick starter campaign for a tasteful vid of you masturbating, how much would have to be raised?

I am not interested. 

there’s plenty of people that are.

asking for me to do something like this that I’m not interested in is a waste of time? trying to see how much you can buy me for is pretty scummy? trying to pay me for something I DONT WANT TO DO is not only stupid for me and pointless for you but sucks for all the people who DO make their money that way? go give them your money if that is what you want. 

I’m not interested in sex work. there’s tons of people who are though! seriously go give them your money they deserve it! (but seriously don’t push them past their limits either. find someone who is already creating similar content before you make requests, and if they say no still be respectful please.)

Anonymous: Is there any amount of money you would accept in exchange for a short video clip of you putting a finger in your butt? It would remain private and it would enchant my boring life as a software engineer, where I make tons of money that would be so much better in your creative hands than my boring ones. But I wanna c dat butt gurl.


if you want to put money in my “creative hands” there are plenty of ways to do it without asking me to do something I obviously don’t do? I’m cool with selling photos or instax or polaroids, etc. but I’m pretty sure you know that I don’t sell that. 

if you want to get a somebody to videotape them putting a finger in their butt there are plenty of people that do that for a living. 

in fact you could even do both of those things! give me money for what I do, give them money for what they do, everybody’s happy. 

but there is literally zero reason to push someone beyond their limits like that? it is stupid and annoying and pushy. 

me by zeitgeist photography

June 2014
Model: Sierra McKenzie
Photo by: Amanda Calquhoun / Mandy Darling

a general rule that actually applies to a lot of shit: if people being ignorant about something makes you upset, you probably should not be angry/rude/upset when they ask questions and try to educate themselves about it. 

john got me animal crossing city folk for my birthday and this is the game for me