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Model: Sierra McKenzie
Photo: John Fox
Anonymous: you poor poor sjw! :-)))

you’re an idiot

Anonymous: Hi Sierra, have you thought of producing a doll based off your likeness? One with glasses and bangs would be cute.

uhm no

Anonymous: How is John doing?

Good! He’s out of town five days a week for an externship which sucks. And he grew a mustache haha.

Anonymous: I love your hair! If I went into a salon and asked for bangs like yours, would you say it's more of a Bettie Page bang or more like a blunt straight across bang? Do you have to use a curling iron to make it set like you do, or does it flip on it's own? Thanks for the advice!

It is a blunt bang and I curl them under for shoots usually. Or if I don’t want them curled but want them to lay flat I use cotton/spandex head bands to hold them down while they are drying! Usually put one on for about five minutes when they are still damp. If you see pics of them acting wacko it is because I didn’t do that haaaa.


Model: Sierra McKenzie
Photo: John Fox
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Sierra McKenzie - Zero image69 pinhole camera, Ektar 100, Unicolor Kit - Eric Engelhard
Anonymous: Where did you get those high waisted black jeans?

They are more of a dusty/faded dark blue. But got them on the forever21 sale rack for like ten bucks.


Sierra McKenzie - Yashica Mat 124, Ektar 100, Unicolor Kit - Eric Engelhard

sierra mckenzie, seattle, wa
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Anonymous: Your Twitter reeks of white guilt tbh.

yeah how dare I be aware of racism and have empathy. 

I know I’m fucking white. I know that I have not lived what people of color live every day. I’m aware that I get to walk around in my own little bubble while non-white people are living a different life right along side me. they could go to the same stores, walk down the same street, interact with the same people, and be treated totally differently. even me having empathy or being aware is a privileged choice: because I would never be forced to even acknowledge it in my daily life. 

I think being aware of your privilege is important.

my number one goal is to listen. preferably, actively listening by seeking information. and when I’m told what would be helpful by the people it directly effects, I’m sure as hell going to do what I can to help. 


Sierra prepares.Sierra McKenzie by Jk Lmn