so I have a pair of leather heels that were perfect for a year plus but now they are OVER broken in and my feet slip too far and I get blisters help what do I do?

Anonymous: hey i'm not sure if you'd know this, please forgive me for asking if you don't, but if you join zivity for the 7 dollars a month thing is it possible to back out if you aren't satisfied, or do you still have to pay 84 for the whole year? by the same token is there any sort of use it for a trial period sort of thing? sorry about my really lousy english

if anyone wants a free trial send me your email addresses!

and I’m pretty sure it is monthly, aka when you cancel you pay for no future months. 

another peek at my new zivity set by dangerninja!
Today actually feels like fall and I’m more excited than I thought I would be.

Romahni & Sierra // diarchy
Seattle, WA. August 2014
© BL
Going out for brunch for the first time in forever!
firstworldfeminism: Hey. I have finally made a blog, partially in response calling me misogynistic because you mistook my criticism of your branch of feminism as an attack on your gender. I'm sure there are some posts you can personally relate to, enjoy.


w   o   w.


Sierra McKenzie by Tony Holtkamp

"Sierra Takes a Day Off: Couch, Pt. 5" by R. Massey
I’m ready to shoot again after a self-imposed hiatus. If you like this photo or photos like these and are a model in the LA area who’d like to collaborate, please email me.
Phone sneak peek from today’s super fun shoot! @deannadibene @gfilb @colettepenketh
Getting ready to shoot some beautiful hair accessories and hats for @deannadibene! Hair by @colettepenketh makeup by @gfilb

Winter Season 3 Is Coming